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Hiring: Head of garden services at the local park

Are you an expert in any kind of gardening service? Are you a good leader and mentor? Willing to train fellow gardeners during work? Don't waste your skills. Apply now and let that knowledge be shared.

Work Description

As a head of our garden services company, the work you are going to do is not about mowing lawns. But instead, you will be assigning, monitoring and doing the arrangements for the company's clients. If you are someone who is also outgoing and friendly, then applying for this job is also fit for you.


Being the head, you must be extra friendly but with control to you subordinates. This should also require you to have good leadership skills, and experienced in marketing skills, to know the services offered well. Also, an experience in managing is a plus.

Application Process

To apply for this job, you must send an email at the email address found in the company profile attaching your scanned copy of resume and bio data. This is to let the HR set an appointment with you and to avoid hassle during the application process. If the date has been set, you must go to the company office bringing your bio data, resume, and any proof of employment (if employed before). Also, bring valid id and any proof that you don't have a hit (police clearance, for example). If you pass, you can have your interview which will be given by the HR head of the company. Apply now, and good luck!

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