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Manager of a barbecue retail store

Our barbecue retail store is currently hiring a manager who can take on the task of overseeing a team of people and run the store with authority and no supervision. If you think you have what it takes to do this, then read on.

Background of the Business

The barbecue store has been a family business for generations now specialising in propane smokers. However, we are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking manager who can help us oversee the new branch.


We prefer someone with no bad records. Having knowledge about the food business and marketing strategies is needed. You will be the one planning on gimmicks to make the store sell a lot and reach its daily quota. Aside from having managerial traits, it would be an advantage if you know the basics of cooking, or in making tasty barbecues. We want someone to as much about the industry as she can.

Applying in this position would require you to have a lot of patience, stamina, and positivity. We don't want our employees be moody. We encourage each and one of them to have a happy aura. You should be able to work Mondays-Saturdays, from the opening of the store (10:00AM - 9:00PM).

How to Apply

If you are a graduate of any business-related course, then feel free to apply at our store. We directly accept applicants from morning until afternoon. Just bring your bio data, resume, also, transcript of records, and if you have any experience, kindly bring also a proof of employment from your past company. Hurry and apply now!

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